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        Wuxi LinJie Pressure Pump Factory
        My plant ground the landscape is beautiful too the lake's , locate 100 stars of national village ,its head- have no the ex- continent town of tin.The SHANGHAI and NANJING is rather superhighway, new grow the railroad and 312 country ways master the whole town, transportation convenient, communication forerunner, the industry prosper.
        Processing the craft, science of that my plant dint the concentrate on what high pressure pump to expand with enterprising, forerunner's manufacturing technique, quantity guarantee the system, positive and perfect after-sales service to provide the pump of high quality, modern series high pressure back and forth for each profession.
        High pressure liquid that W3000 series the back and forth pump is a type three pillar the high pressure pump, it pass the electric motor or diesel engine etc., pass by narrow form leather belt or decelerate the machine to arouse the high pressure pump to revolve, attain to transport the purpose to lie the quality.
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      3. Wuxi city Huishan Qianzhou town Beiyucun
      4. Email:sales@gaoyabeng.cc
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